Cool Kids Showbag

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The gee wizz isn’t in action, but we are!

The Hobart Shows a no go, but that doesn’t mean there’s no fun to be had.

We’ve decided to bring something reminiscent of your yearly show bag, only way better.

Let’s be honest. Showbags are kinda… sh*t.

You get home, and the kids sprawl the contents of their show bags across the lounge room floor, you steal a few lollies and choccies, but mostly you just notice that they’re filled with plastic bits and pieces that the kids are bored of the next day anyway. 

How about getting a showbag that makes an impact and creates family experiences, instead of just useless stuff?

We have hand crafted our Cool Kids Showbag to facilitate just that!

It contains:

-An at home Scavenger Hunt

-Little Trouble Makers Cook Book

-Troublesmiths Colouring In Book with Crayons

-Delicious choccies

-Troublesmiths Bumper Sticker 

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